About the company
About the company

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For our customers, we design, construct and build high-precision gauges, tools, and automatic production facilities. Whether as a manufacturer and supplier of the motor car industry, aircraft industry and caravan industry, the construction industry and agricultural industry, as well as the medical technology sector, we have been working with all of these branches of industry for many years. We are happy to make our acquired knowledge and individual solution competence available to you on a daily basis and look forward to learning something new, time and again, on the way to the optimum solution.

The company Weischer GmbH & Co. KG has its roots in handicraft, model and tool making. This is the source of our extensive theoretical and practical knowledge of material and processing. Our know-how in automated manufacturing processes is also incorporated into our plant and system construction. State-of-the-art technology, proven craftsmanship and technical skill form an ideal combination here, leading to intelligent solutions and perfectly executed results.

Our strength is our employees because they have knowledge and competence. And we are proud of a team in which each individual takes responsibility for himself and his work, for his colleagues, the community, and of course for our customers. We promote and support our employees. We train them and we enable the constant exchange of knowledge and experience among colleagues, especially among the generations. Our 140 or so employees are all people who can take responsibility and make decisions; and who together pursue the interest of delivering a job of which they can be proud.