Our product range in tool construction

For our customers, we manufacture tools for thermoforming and vacuum laminating, for special processes in plastics processing such as pressing, press laminating, and laminating. Weischer is a leader in the production of foaming tools and back foaming tools for I-plates.

Our Products

Weischer supplies foam tools for PUR processing and is an experienced partner in the manufacture of back foaming tools for instrument panels, glove boxes and door components. In addition, we manufacture tools for all hard foam processes, such as long-fibre injection and sandwich structures reinforced with paper honeycomb.

We build press laminating tools for interior trim parts of vehicles with surfaces made of textiles, leather or artificial leather: for example, for luggage compartment lids, arm rests and inserts. We manufacture vacuum laminating tools for door carriers and parapets. We produce press laminating tools for loading floors that are laminated with carpet materials such as Dilour or Tuft.

We manufacture thermoforming tools made of milled cast aluminium and ingots. For the commercial vehicle industry - our main business besides the packaging industry - we manufacture deep-drawing tools for interior and exterior trim parts. For the packaging sector, we supply tools for the production of reusable packaging.

We manufacture pressing tools for components such as door components, boot trim parts, parcel shelves, luggage compartment lids and loading floors. Materials processed in these tools are natural fibre-moulded material or other thermoplastically bonded mixed-fibre fleece with glass or polyester content, as well as PUR/GF paper honeycomb materials. We build the pressing tools from steel or aluminium as required, and also with integrated pinch-edge trimming.

As a basis for the construction of Galvano tools we manufacture leather models whose quality is highly valued by OEMs. These include models for instrument panels, glove boxes and door components.

In cooperation with our customers, we have developed a mask technology for the production of two-colour slush skins, which we offer together with a complete solution as a closed module: this includes robots, control and integration into your existing production line.

Pressed parts and thermoformed parts require subsequent trimming. We manufacture laminates and milled mounts for water- and milling trimming.