Our Product Range in Gauge Construction

We supply our products to numerous OEMs and large system suppliers: Cubings, joint models, data control models and cut-out gauges, ZSB gauges, testing and installation gauges, component gauges, measuring fixtures and testing devices.

Our Products

We manufacture data control models for checking and validating data sets of entire vehicles and for checking joints and surfaces.

We mill entire vehicle models from ureol; this is a service that we offer for both the interior and exterior.

You should rely on precise cubings that enable the exact and safe assembly of vehicle components. For checking both individual components and complete assemblies, we manufacture inner and outer cubings for you with all add-on parts, each designed as a 0-part.

For measuring your components against CAD, we manufacture measuring substructures on which the components can be brought into a safe, reproducible position in the network layer - recorded according to the RPS system.

To inspect the body shell, roof, doors, front end, bumpers and panes, we build carbon cut-out gauges - as series testing equipment, for series testing- and ongoing testing.

We manufacture ZSB gauges for checking and analysing component quality: for small components; for example lamps; for highly complex components such as bumpers or front-end modules; and for the interior as well as the exterior area.

Fixing points can be defined, add-on parts can be added or designed as a 0-part according to the corresponding data. The measurement is digital, so that the data can be recorded and evaluated cleanly.

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Serial Recording 02 Control devices 0