From specification to measurement

The process chain begins with the specification. Since we count the largest German OEMs among our customers, we know their requirements exactly and have an idea of which concepts are in demand and promise success. After creating the concept, we start the construction and after its approval, the implementation. The subsequent validation, i.e. the measuring equipment capability, is carried out in-house and, if desired, additionally during the start-up in your production. Our company has the competence and the capacity to carry out even larger series measurement.

„In the construction of test equipment, good operability is absolutely crucial!“

(Ludwig Borchert, Director)

Our Services

Since we know the individual requirements of German OEMs and know what they value, we are the ideal partner when creating a specification sheet, if you want to be sure to order a measuring instrument that your customer will accept.

We construct the corresponding gauges according to your data and specifications. Once the design is complete, you approve the concept for production.

We manufacture the product you need with absolute precision. We work continuously to further simplify the use of the gauges. Gauges that are handled manually are made of composite materials to keep the weight as low as possible, and thus make handling absolutely safe and as easy as possible.

We carry out the validation - the measuring equipment capability evaluation - in-house. For this purpose, you provide us with a sufficient number of the corresponding components and we check whether the gauge concept achieves what we expected from it.

The acceptance of the measuring equipment is also carried out in-house. If it turns out that improvements are necessary, we will implement them during acceptance. This avoids delays and saves you the trouble of sending the gauge several times.

We have the capacity, the experience and the appropriate staff to support you during the start of series production with the series measurement of your components. With our modern NC measuring machines we can measure a large number of components and modules for you over a longer period of time.