A Success Story

From model making to gauge, tool and plant construction

1964: Josef Weischer forms the company Weischer Model and Prototype Construction GmbH & Co. KG, initially strictly as a handicraft business. His customers are foundries. After a few years, Weischer expands his offerings to include tool construction and when his son Stephan Weischer joins the management in 1996, the company employs 25 employees.

With the entry of Stephan Weischer into management, the introduction of modern technology into the work processes begins. From then on, knowledge of material behaviour and competence in processing and craftsmanship can be planned and implemented with unprecedented precision. In the meantime, model construction has already given way to gauge and tool construction.

The customer base is changing from industrial to automotive customers. In addition, the company has been expanded to include the design and development department. The increased know-how in the field of automated production processes results from many years of cooperation, especially with the automotive industry.

Numerous innovative ideas from the Weischer forge are successfully implemented, so that plant construction has become an integral part of the range of services. The successes and the growing demand of customers in this area have quickly led to the expansion of capacities, with a new tool and production hall, and the number of employees has now increased to around 140.

  • 2017
    Expansion of the plant construction division
    Construction of a new tool and production hall
    Number of employees grows to approx. 140
  • 2015
    Change of Company Name: "Integration of WIS Tooling GmbH and WIS Automation" to "Josef Weischer GmbH && Co. KG"
  • 2014
    Regular exchange with Persico S.p.A. in Nembro, Italy
  • 2012
    Building of the production hall for gauge construction
  • 2008
    Expansion of the production halls
  • 2005
    Expansion of the administration building
  • 2004
    WIS Tooling founded
  • 1996
    CAD/CAM entry, establishment of own design department
  • 1996
    Stephan Weischer joins management
  • 1964
    Establishment of Josef Weischer Model and Prototype Construction GmbH & Co. KG by Josef Weischer