Because common values make us strong

How a solid attitude benefits our customers

As a customer it is always helpful to know where you stand with your business partner. That is why the people at Weischer are proud of our common values, and make them real in their daily interaction - for ourselves and our customers. We believe in the values that have made us strong and that strengthen us year after year. And that is precisely the reason why our success is still growing steadily - and our customer base with us. These values are not a secret recipe. And everyone who has something to do with us is cordially invited to share them with us.

Our Values

Our customers represent industries in which millimetres mean worlds. That is why the aspiration of Weischer is Perfection. That's why many internationally successful automotive brands trust our solutions. They know that compliance with industrial tolerances is not enough for us. They employ us because our ideas of precision are not in the tenths-, but in the hundredths of a millimetre range. They know that every step closer to perfection immediately enhances the value of their product and the vehicle brand. And in these disciplines Weischer is unrivalled.

The trust that customers have placed in our work has inspired us since our beginnings. Most of our success in perfecting ideas, gauges, tools and plant construction would never have come about without this trust. How have we justified this trust up to the present, time and again? By trusting ourselves. This is the real driver of our success. This drives us where it really counts: with the quality of out work. Sense of responsibility. Reliability. On-time delivery. At Weischer trust is a chain that never ends.

We want to make things better for you. Every one of our innovations pursues this clear goal. Instead of focusing exclusively on the smallest details of our solutions in order to achieve improvements, we take a different approach: We look at your processes as a whole - and think them through to the end. This results in completely new solutions, which in sum open up previously unattained possibilities for you.

Competence has many faces. Experience, expertise, flexibility and spectrum are values that play important roles in development and production. But the decisive competence goes even further: the ability to respond to one another and understand each other's needs. On this basis, together with our customers, ideas and solutions emerge that previously seemed unthinkable.

Anyone who is prepared to break new ground always takes a risk. How do we meet new challenges at Weischer? With complete openness. We listen to you until we fully understand your goals. We dare to recommend new approaches if we are convinced of them. And when common convictions become common goals, we do not hesitate, but move forward with determination.

A company has credibility when it stands for honesty and openness. If this principle is supported as a community, many individual personalities become a family. Every human being has special strengths by nature. Combining these strengths and developing them in the community gives our company its identity. And it provides our customers with a strong partner who speaks with a clear voice in all its diversity.

Weischer's origins are in classical handicrafts. You have to know that to understand why we are a technological leader today. Wherever craftsmanship reaches the limits of precision and performance, we have broken these limits with technological innovations. But the principle of always solving a task first through technical understanding has remained with us to this day. However, when it comes to bringing a technical solution to perfection, the technical means can never be too modern for us.